Friday, 18 June 2010

Miami 5 Speech by Len McCluskey at 2008 TUC

This speech was made in 2008 in Brighton; and, its message still resonates as strongly today. McCluskey gave an excellent potted history of the Miami 5; as well as infusing the passion this miscarriage of justice/political expediency deserves.

McCluskey’s delivery, for me, swept away the distance of the events; giving the issue a sense of the here and now; something that, though occurring on another continent, did impact on us as trade unionists and workers.

I’ve listened to Len speak on the subject since this and his passion and resolve remain undiminished.

And to Gerardo Hernández,René González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino, Fernando González...

Hasta la victoria, siempre!

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