Monday, 14 June 2010

Benefit Fraud

Jaygee, “...the storyline this time may well have concentrated on 'disability'...” – your use of ‘may well have’ when disability is mentioned or alluded to in every paragraph indicates a kind of denial in your case.

However, let’s use your thesis that ‘this time’ they used the disability angle to expose benefits fraud. Then when are we going to see tax fraud reported in the same proportions as benefits fraud?

Tax fraud accounts for over a hundred billion compared to less than two billion for benefits fraud. Why, if they, as you imply, investigate cheats equally; then the scab papers would be full of stories of tax cheats.

However, this isn’t the case. It isn’t the case because tax cheats are secretly admired by Middle England; indeed, Middle England is where most of it goes on.

Those grubby readers of the Heil and Express are probably salting way scores, hundreds of thousand pounds a year into off-shore accounts; wrongly declaring their tax returns; as they sit down with their reactionary rags at the breakfast table spluttering coffee and raging at disabled benefits cheats.

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