Monday, 14 June 2010

Benefits Fraud versus Tax Fraud

Ok, so amputee Karl Sacks was cheating the system and, yes benefits to the value of some £1.1 billion are fraudulently acquired annually – that’s ALL benefits, not just those paid out in relation to disability.

Figures on tax evasion (illegal) and tax avoidance (‘legal’) in the UK are staggering. Tax evasion costs us anything up to £70 billion a year; while combined, evasion and avoidance could be costing the country a mind-blowing £120 billion annually – avoidance may be legal; but, how moral is it for the wealthy to buy their way out of paying their fair share.

Why is the government not putting more resources into recouping monies cheated by their wealthy friends? Or, have I answered my own question.

Just imagine; if half the monies being denied the Revenue were reclaimed the fiscal deficit would be paid off in no time. We’d not have to worry about our public services being stolen from us. We’d most likely be out of recession quicker.

Instead, the government will not pursue their cheating friends and business chums; they’ll sell off public services to the lowest bidders, more of their own class; and, we’ll see figures of 3.5 – 4 million unemployed within a year.

That’s the Tory way. When in doubt, privatise. Once privatised, streamline. Streamlining leads to fewer jobs; fewer jobs same workload leads to greater pressures on those left in work; greater pressure leads to stress and related mental illness.

You find yourself off work through mental illness; you’re sacked for taking time off work; you are denied benefits because you contributed to your own sacking; no safety net; poverty.

Poverty, the Tory way of dealing with macro economics.

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