Friday, 18 June 2010

"The few scammers make it difficult for us genuine people..."

"The few scammers make it difficult for us genuine people..."

Claims one of the signatories to the "Against DWP Reforms for the genuinely sick and disabled." petition.

Few being the operative word, here. The way in which the media cover benefits’ cheating is way out of proportion to its impact on the country’s economy. When the banking system went into decline I recall a general outcry against banks; however, with the exception of Fred Goodwin I can’t recall a mass demonization of bankers by the press or media.

From time to time the media will cover a high-profile case of tax fraud; yet, we don’t have Daily Heil witch hunts of this group, despite the fact the monies they cheat from us (anything from £70 - £150 billion annually; as against the £1.1 billion befits’ cheats steal) have a real and damaging effect on our economy.

Perversely, while these wealthy scammers get away with their cheating it is us, the workers of the country, who dutifully pay our way week in week out. Then, when from time to time we need the safety net, the one our taxes paid for, we’re told its been taken away to soften the landing of the rich and wealthy.


Because rich bankers, far removed from the needs of the Welfare State, played hard and fast with our economy; because we bailed them out with our money; because the bankers took our money and gave nothing back in return; and, because their friends are now in power and bent on making us pay for the mistakes of their greedy class.

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