Monday, 14 June 2010

Scum Press

Newspapers such as the Heil aren’t interested in printing real news. They’d far rather take the line of least resistance and cover the lazy stories. The system hands them their quick fix with some 6,000 cases of benefits’ fraud per year.

So, why would they stray too far from their comfort zone? Far easier to demonise those the state has chosen to target above others.

I’d like questions answered. Why isn’t the government targeting tax fraud; a crime that puts benefits’ fraud into the shade? Individual players in that game are perpetrating fraud on an industrial scale compared to the penny-ante amounts often involved with benefits’ fraud.

Last year the Daily Telegraph began drip feeding reports of MPs wrongly claiming expenses; the first report was news; subsequent reports were a blatant case of political bias. So much for objective journalism.

If the Telegraph is concerned over wrongdoing in parliament why isn’t it equally concerned when another privileged group, the wealthy, cheat and rob the system. Their concern, their high dudgeon over the MPs expenses was just an exercise in journalistic hypocrisy. They sat back during the Thatcher and Major years allowing the process to go unreported; then, through political expediency dredged up the stories in order to embarrass a Labour administration – it’s actually ironic since it was Thatcher’s refusal to bring MP’s salaries into line with comparable jobs that kicked the thing off!

So Jaygee and others, enjoy, rant and rave in high dudgeon as you condemn benefits’ cheats for their heinous crimes. Fill your hearts full to brimming with disgust for these social pariahs. Call down upon them full wroth of the law. Seek out your daily fixes of benefits fraudsters from the Heil and allied rags.

However, while you’re helping to demonise disabled people as a group; the real enemy is stealing money that would ensure that our kids had access to a decent education – because the enemy will be sending theirs to public schools where they’ll learn how to screw the next generation of ordinary people.

While you’re drooling over a single mum getting done for taking on a few days cash-in-hand-work in order to buy a few luxuries for her kids; Lord This or That of Landofplenty will be cheating you and me out of tens of millions of pounds in some tax fiddle or another.

While you’re becoming excited at the news of a disabled person caught walking that bit more than he should have and subsequently losing his DLA; some unscrupulous businessman will be buying his 17-year old son a £20,000 Mini from the proceeds of unpaid taxes.

Personally, I’d not allow any links from the Heil or Express to be placed on Ouch. These two rags are so far beyond the pale when reporting issues concerning disabled people; they are viewed as offensive by lots of disabled people and their friends. Nobody in the circles I move in would ever contemplate buying one of these rags.

But, what do expect from newspapers that supported the Nazis!

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