Saturday, 19 June 2010

Daily Heil Misreporting

Another imbalanced piece of reporting; but then, what to expect from the Heil, a rag noted for its need of scapegoating. Any objective reporter would quite rightly place more emphasis on the greater ‘evil’; that is the £172,428 (85% of the total fraud) cheated from the Public Revenue.

Considering the man was actually only charged with one charge of Cheating the Public Revenue makes the Heil guilty of false reporting. This is a news story about a tax cheat clear and simple. The Daily Heil once again demonstrates its hysterical hounding of benefits’ cheats; and, especially where it can work a disability angle into the lies.

Is it any wonder the Heil acts in such a disgusting manner when you see the kind of readership to which it panders. Reading the ‘Comments’ section of the web is a lesson in intolerance.

Thankfully, I can say that I’m safely removed from these bigots and extremists. Sadly, our new government, the ConDem regime, will lap up this kind of filthy demonization and use it against all disabled people.

The Daily Heil is not a fit ‘paper’ to be seen on the shelves of our newsagents.

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