Monday, 14 June 2010

Thatcher's Demise

Thatcher came knockin’ upon heaven’s door,
“Fuck off!” said God, “You’re rich not poor.”
“But, my dad was just a local grocer”,
Said Thatcher as she moved ever closer.

“That’s far enough, stand away from the gate,
You’re full of contagion, riddled with hate;
You’re destined for the other direction,
To that furnace of perpetual correction.”

Looking at Hell Thatcher mused, “Why regret?
I’ll be with Dennis and Gus Pinochet;
My sins will place me at the top level,
Just behind Churchill, close to the Devil .”

So, smiling she turned from her creator,
“He’s agin us...fucking liberal traitor”;
Now for those in Hell a word to the wise,
Give her no power or she’ll privatise!

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